Warranty For Avilana's Sonic Facial Scrubber-1 Year Warranty


Avilana LLC ("Avilana") presents a 1-year warranty for the Avilana Sonic Facial Scrubber, commencing from the original purchase date. This warranty safeguards against manufacturing defects and functional disruptions caused by standard usage. Throughout this warranty duration, Avilana will address repairs or replacements for the product at no cost to the initial purchaser.


Scope: This warranty extends to cover manufacturing defects and functional disruptions arising from standard use of the Avilana Sonic Facial Scrubber.

Timeframe: The warranty maintains its validity for 1 year from the initial purchase date.

Resolution: Should any manufacturing defect or functional disruption occur within the warranty timeframe, Avilana reserves the right to choose between repairing or replacing the product.

Exclusive Entitlement: This warranty is exclusively applicable to the original purchaser of the Avilana Sonic Facial Scrubber and is non-transferable.

Non-Transferability: No warranty provided by Avilana can be transferred to any other individual or entity. Avilana denies any warranty responsibility to those who did not directly acquire the product from Avilana.

Coverage Limits: The warranty exclusively applies to the normal usage of the product. It excludes damage caused by misuse, accidents, unauthorized alterations, modifications, or any application contrary to the product's instructions.

Making a Claim: To initiate a warranty claim, please contact Avilana's customer support with evidence of purchase and a description of the issue. Our customer support team will guide you through the procedure.

Shipping Responsibilities: If product return for repair or replacement is necessary, shipping expenses may be incurred. Please adhere to the guidance issued by our customer support team.

Exclusions: This warranty does not cover indirect or consequential damages beyond the product itself.

Legal Entitlements: This warranty provides you with specific legal entitlements. You may possess additional rights that differ according to local laws.

Avilana remains steadfast in its commitment to furnish top-quality products and ensure your contentment. If a manufacturing defect or functional disruption emerges within the warranty timeframe, please connect with us, and we will be pleased to provide assistance.


To qualify for warranty coverage, substantiating documents of purchase (order ID or invoice) are required.

All returns must be prominently labeled with the RMA number on the outer package for identification purposes.

Unmarked returns will not be accepted under any circumstance.

Goods must be packaged securely in either their original shipping container or a comparable, ESD-safe container.

Returns should be packed with adequate protective measures to prevent transit-induced damage. Avilana disclaims any accountability for goods susceptible to damage due to inadequate packaging.

Any form of alteration or tampering with Avilana products, including labels, stickers, or markings of any nature, will result in an immediate voiding of the applicable warranty.


The conclusive determination of the existence and cause of any defect lies with Avilana.


All shipping costs, encompassing freight insurance for items en route to Avilana, are the responsibility of the customer.

If Avilana elects to repair or replace goods considered within warranty, shipping expenses, including freight insurance, will be borne by Avilana.

Goods categorized as outside of warranty will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense and risk. Avilana does not accept liability for damages sustained by out-of-warranty items during transit, aligning with our FOB Canton, SD shipping terms.


Avilana will not undertake the repair or replacement of products not determined to be manufactured by Avilana (counterfeit modules).


For any warranty claim, the exclusive recourse available to the Buyer is limited, at Avilana's discretion, to the repair or replacement of the faulty Products, refund of the product's purchase price, or a credit toward future purchases at the original purchase price or the fair market value, depending on the lower value.


None of Avilana's products are endorsed for pivotal use in life support devices or systems.

This warranty takes precedence over any other warranties, whether express or implied, such as merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose. These other warranties are explicitly excluded and disclaimed.


Avilana shall not be held liable to the Buyer or any third party for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to profit loss, business investment diminution, goodwill erosion, and/or interference with business relationships, even if the potential for such damages has been forewarned.

Avilana shall not bear responsibility if the products or any defects therein result in damage or malfunction of other equipment.

The maximum liability Avilana assumes shall not exceed the purchase price of the defective product.


In specific States, the exclusion or restriction of incidental or consequential damages may not be allowed, thus these limitations may not be fully applicable.


This warranty stands as the singular warranty extended by Avilana concerning the products. No representations or warranties, whether express or implied, regarding the products' state or performance, including but not limited to merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose, are made by Avilana or any agent, employee, or representative of Avilana.

Please be aware that this warranty guarantees precise legal entitlements, and additional rights may be pertinent contingent on your jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions might not sanction the exclusion or limitation of specific damages or warranties; therefore, the above stipulations may not be fully enforceable in your case.