How is Avilana Exclusive’s silicone body scrubbers different from others?

While silicone isn't naturally antimicrobial, our Avilana Exclusive scrubbers are a game-changer. Made with food-grade silicone and given a touch of silver magic during creation, they're all about keeping those pesky bacteria and fungi at bay. And with its two-faced charm, you can choose between a soft exfoliation or a deep-tissue massage, perfect for every skin mood.


When will my order arrive?

After placing an order, it typically ships within 1-2 business days and should reach you within 10 business days. Please note that standard business days are from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.


Do you have international shipping?

Currently, we don't. But, we're eyeing international expansion soon, so stay tuned!


How do I clean my body scrubber?

To keep your Avilana Exclusive scrubber feeling fresh and fabulous, treat it to a spa day every 3 weeks. It can gather a little dirt, hair, and soap vibes between those bristles and nodules.

For its pampering session, use a toothbrush and some dish soap to gently work between the bristles and all over. Give it a good hot water rinse to wave goodbye to any stubborn spots.

Feeling a bit extra? Pop your scrubber on the top rack of your dishwasher and let it mingle with your dishes during a regular cycle.


How do I sanitize my body scrubber?

While our Avilana Exclusive body scrubbers are designed with antimicrobial goodness, giving them a little spa treatment now and then is a fab idea! Just pop them in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Not only will this give them a deep cleanse, but it'll also shake off any lingering soap vibes. Keep your scrub game strong and sparkling!


Not getting that bubbly magic from your Avilana Exclusive scrubber?

If your scrubber isn't foaming up like a dream, it might be your body wash playing coy. Remember, every body wash has its own vibe - some are all about that foam, while others keep it low-key. Our Avilana Exclusive scrubbers groove with your soap's natural lather. For that ultimate bubbly bliss, pair it with a high-lather soap and step away from the direct stream of water.


How often should I replace my body scrubber?

Based on your self-care rituals and how much love you give your Avilana Exclusive scrubber, we'd suggest treating yourself to a new one at least once or maybe twice a year. Keep that glow going!


Can I recycle my Avilana Exclusive scrubber?

Our Avilana Exclusive scrubbers are crafted from 100% recyclable silicone.

We get that not every local recycling program is on board with silicone. So, when it's time to part with your scrubber, send it our way and we'll handle the recycling. Plus, as a little thank you, we'll gift you a $5 credit for your next Avilana Exclusive scrubber purchase!

Ready to sparkle sustainably? Drop us an email at info@avilanaexclusive.com to kick things off.